It’s a Fineline Branding

Design - Jade Sheils

Year - 2021

My role - Creative Direction, Research, Branding
It’s a Fineline is a brand owned by Ines Hoyer, a tattoo artist based in Munich. As her career in tattooing has developed she wanted to build up a brand for herself. She was very open with the brief but wanted something that suited to her style and her work. It was clear to me the direction she wanted to go in and the brand she wanted to create for herself. She specialises in fine line & minimal tattooing. 

The logo design was heavily inspired by Ines’ work. On her Instagram, a lot of her work involves flowers, moons, suns, lined faces, snakes & butterflies. I simiplified her work taking out a lot of details to keep the logo simple and not too busy. If logos are used to create a visual symbol that represents your business. The best way to represent her was through her work & talent.