Hi, I’m Jade.

A Lisbon based creative with a background in the fashion and beauty industry. After spending the last 4 years working as a fashion stylist for large corporate clients in Berlin, I realised my passion for design in the branding world and decided to pivot into this space. I’ve recently finished a course in Visual Design & Branding at SuperHi.

I have a unique, minimalist approach to my work by focusing on simplicity and timeless aesthetics. In my previous work, I collaborated alongside businesses and publications to create impactful high-end content, targeting their customer base, celebrating their brand and driving their businesses forward.

With my new found passion for design and my experience working with various brands, my next goal is to marry these two together in the hopes of producing high-quality design work.


Meet Cooper

Cooper is my dog, otherwise known as the Chief Happiness Officer of ‘jadesheils.com.

Cooper is a highly valued team member. He gets paid extremely well, with the finest chicken sticks and belly rubs any dog would dream of. On his days off, he likes to go on long runs in the park and catch up on a lot of sleep to recover from his intense weeks of ensuring everyone is happy.

Originally from Romania, previously based in Berlin and Ireland, now living in Lisbon. Cooper is well travelled and loves meeting new people across the globe.

For more of Cooper, you can check him out here.

What next?

If you haven’t checked out my recent work, you can find it all here.
For some illustrations, you can find it all here.

Now that you’ve got to know me a little bit better. Let me get to know you. Let’s have a coffee (or a beer) & let’s talk shop.